Quick Die Change System
Quick Mold Change System
Overload Protector
Air Driven Hydraulic Pump Unit
Quick Mold Change System
Itís an era for making high frequency mold change with multiple patterns and small quantity. In order to save time for the mold change and ensure the safety of the operation, It is just in time to apply the quick mold change system.

Safety function of system:
Each Hydraulic circuit is equipped with the function of maintaining pressure for a long time. The desired pressure is not affected by power failure or reduction in air pressure.

Each hydraulic circuit is equipped with pressure inspection function. The machine will stop immediately once the hydraulic pressure drops below the nominated safety pressure.

There are 4 circuits of independent hydraulic system & The intersecting circuits clamp the mold.

Mould change over switch is equipped with two-way protection function.

In case of power failure, Hydraulic clampers functions automatically

Ensure the safety of operation, during the mould change process.
Air Driven Hydraulic Pump Unit
Power Control Unit
Control Operation Panel
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