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Overload protector
In order to check the hydraulic pressure of cylinder inside the slider, overload protector device is equipped in the press.

If it happens the situation of overload, the hydraulic pressure of cylinder will be released within 3/1000 seconds immediately.

When it happens overload, in order to protect the press and die, the press will stop working immediately after receiving the signal from limit switch.

After it happen overload, in order to let press operate normally, the air driven hydraulic pump will supply oil of cylinder quickly to reach normal working pressure.

Overload protector have pressure control valve, which can adjust hydraulic pressure automatically. In the process of pressing, it can eliminate the impact of excessive rising of hydraulic pressure arising from rising of the oil temperature.

Model Selection

Control type

A : Air pressure control
S : Spring adjust

Suitable for capacity of press

06 : 200 tons & down
08 : 200 tons & down
10 : 200 tons & down
12 : 200 ~ 600 tons

Ratio of pump pressure

Empty (Standard type) : 22 ratio
M : 32 ratio   H : 42 ratio

Design No.

Empty : First edition
A ~ Z : Revise edition

Ratio of overload pressure

5 : x 50 ratio
7 : x 70 ratio
9 : x 90 ratio

Position of limit switch (type)

2 : NO type
6 : NC type

Volume of oil tank (Liter)

O : None     3 : 4.0
1 : 1.2         5 : 8.0

Control unit

Empty : None
C : Include

Pressure setting (kgf/cm2)

VA Model : None
VS Model : ex. 300 is 300 kgf/cm 2

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