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Air Driven Hydraulic Pump Unit
Air Drive Hydraulic Pump Unit
Use the air drive hydraulic pump. Once the outlet hydraulic pressure reaches the set pressure, it will stop driving which won’t waste any energy. Or, it will ad the pressure automatically if the outlet pressure is reducing. It consists of the function to keep the pressure continuously.

The outlet pressure of the pump and the pneumatic pressure driving become direct ratio. So, the outlet pressure will change based on the adjustment of the pneumatic pressure.

It goes with the different pumps (hydraulic power: 60 ~ 420 kg/cm2) and models of circuit control system based on the needs.

The circuit control system has the function of check. If there is no pneumatic pressure, the hydraulic pressure will still keep.

It is better to apply it to the hydraulic pressure supply system which is operated for a long time but less frequent.

It has the function of inspection pressure. It can be interlocked with the machine.

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