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Wet-type Mistpure/Rotary Disc Mist Collector
Mistpure Coating
Wet-type Mistpure/Rotary Disc Mist Collector
The best type if filter clogging or frequent filter exchange is a problem.
  • This model of Mistpure collects mist and dust by forming an effective water screen with droplets scattered from a hi-speed rotating disc.
  • The water dissipates the energy of the disc and is returned to the recycling tank (bottom) together with the collected mist and dust.
  • The oil floats on the surface of the water in the recycling tank.  It is removed with a skimmer (optional), while the water is sent for treatment.
  • The unit has no filters, so clogging is not a problem with mist and dust build-up.
  • It comes in 1P, 2P, 4P and 6P basic units, but various combinations can be arranged to build bigger systems.
  • The Wet-type Mistpure can be used in machine factories, food processing plants, plastic and rubber plants, etc.

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