Micron Box type
Water Mist type
Hood type
Catch Box type
Grinding Machine type
Blow-off type
Dual-Shaft type
Wet-type Mistpure/Rotary Disc Mist Collector
Mistpure Coating
Dual-Shaft type
The motor shaft is coupled to the impeller and rotary drum shaft.  As foreign matter accumulates on the rotary drum, rotational balance is lost which causes shacking.  The shaking vibrations can be transmitted to the motor through the shaft.  However, the vibrations must first pass through two bearings and a coupling, Therefore, the vibrations are attenuated, and the motor is left practically unaffected.

If you have been troubled by burnt motor bearings or motor overloads, it is likely that dust-laden must caused your unit to vibrate excessively.

This motor is stronger against vibrations than other models because vibrations are indirectly transmitted to the motor shaft.

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