Micron Box type
Water Mist type
Hood type
Catch Box type
Grinding Machine type
Blow-off type
Dual-Shaft type
Wet-type Mistpure/Rotary Disc Mist Collector
Mistpure Coating
Grinding Machine type
Mistpure for Grinding Machine
  • For dusty workplaces
  • When cutting waste is drawn into exhaust systems
  • For forced-intake

Originally, the Mistpure was used by itself to remove mist.  However, more and more often, the unit is used under harsher conditions.  This shortens maintenance intervals and even makes maintenance hard in some cases.
On top of this, rising wages and insufficient manpower have stirred demand for easier maintenance and simpler operation.
In this kind of situation, we recommend using the Mistpure in combination with any number of available options.  Setting up a mist removal system can reduce the load placed on the Mistpure.

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