Micron Box type
Water Mist type
Hood type
Catch Box type
Grinding Machine type
Blow-off type
Dual-Shaft type
Wet-type Mistpure/Rotary Disc Mist Collector
Mistpure Coating
Hood type
Mistpure for Cylindrical Grinding Machine
  • Plate type hood and attached curtain shut out the outside air to prevent the absorption force from reducing.
  • Constant absorption force enables the equipment to be installed at a longer distance from the mist-generating source, and thereby enabling slow and long draw.
  • The long distance enables the gravity-drop of mist of large size particles before reaching the drawing inlet and prevent the filter from extraordinary clogging, and thereby, upgrading the maintenance performance.
  • Hood is mobile and does not create obstacles, therefore improves efficiency of the operation and installation.
  • The equipment can be operated just by setting, that is unnecessary for specific installation work.

There's big difference in mist removal effect between the mist generating source being enclosed and not.  Moreover, mist removal efficiency will vary with enclosed sources if the closure is not  hermetically sealed.  This compact model of Mistpure completely eliminates troubles of the sort.  What it features the most is that mist intake is optimized so that post-installation maintenance is easier.

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