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  Fluid management & control system

The Macnaught RN64 Fluid Management and Control System is a single or networked combination of 16 product controllers, with each controller supporting up to 4 colour touch-screens. Each controller can dispense up to 3 products simultaneously and be software configured to enable access to the products via any of the touch terminals.
Product Features

  • designed to operate as either a stand alone controller or as part of a PC network
  • up to 16 products per controller
  • full colour, alpha numeric touch screen entry
  • hierarchy PIN access for system users
  • batch log storage of up to 300 batches
  • product identification and name entry
  • individual K factor on each product input meter
  • selectable unit of measurement
  • simple plug n play type field wiring and configuration
  • can be used with any flowmeter compatible fluids
  • visual alarms
  • product tank inventory
  • optional barcoding facility available for streamlining operations
  • off-the-shelf system hardware ensures the latest technology and components are available worldwide
  • 12 month warranty
  • easily configured to fit different facilities
  • RS485 network with optional USB converter or Ethernet server allowing distances of up to 1000 m
  • touch screens powered over CAT 5 cable
  • only standard power point required for each controller
  • compatible with a wide selection of flowmeter and valve materials

Software Features

  • user friendly and easy to follow software installation process
  • 3 level password access (manager, supervisor, operator) ensures appropriate security in maintaining fluid inventories
  • automatic saving of batches with a presettable idle-time function
  • simple and accurate transfer of data to a PC from the controller
  • able to retain all records of fluid transfers (i.e. batches) from inventories even in the event of a power failure or a deliberate power-off by an operator
  • software generates multiple reports that can be printed or exported to other software applications and can also be linked to proprietary accounting packages
  • software incorporates a comprehensively secured inventory management system that facilitates standard accounting procedures

Optional/special features:

  • barcode/RFID
  • large LCD remote display
  • high waste level warning for each tank
  • automatic ordering option available for each product
  • remote interrogation and fault finding/troubleshooting
  • remote operation for each dispense point if required

Typical Applications:

  • automotive workshops
  • truck/bus/bulk transport workshops
  • industrial workshops
  • mining
  • marine
  • food processing plants
  • breweries

Typical Typical fluids handled:

  • motor oil
  • automatic transmission fluid
  • anti-freeze
  • hydraulic oil
  • diesel
  • fuel additives
  • specialty fluids
  • food oil
  • chemicals
  • viticulture/beverages

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