End Suction Centrifugal Pumps
Self Priming Centrifugal Pumps
Self Priming Centrifugal Pumps
EJS Self Priming Centrifugal Pumps

Applications: EJS pumps are used when one or more of the following are required: self-priming, solids handling, resistance to abrasion. EJ pumps can handle liquids up to a viscosity of about 50 mm2/s (cSt).
Standard Material
Cast Iron Construction: Complete Cast Iron pump, Ductile Iron Impeller, Cast Iron wear plate (optional with Rubber Plate) and Mild steel shaft with protection sleeve; Nitrite Rubber gaskets, Silicon Carbide Mechanical Seal.
Other Options: Stainless steel and Bronze wetted parts. CB, CS, SS, BB
Mechanical Seal: Silicon Carbide Vs Silicon Carbide / Viton other options available.

EJT Series self Priming Centrifugal Pumps

Applications: EJT pumps are used when one or more of the following specifications are required: self-priming, solids, handling, resistance to abrasion for Sewage and Industrial Waste water.
Standard Material
CI = Complete Cast Iron pump, Stainless Steel Shaft and Internal and External Hardware; Marine Brass Suction and Delivery Tapped Flanges, Nitrile Rubber Gaskets, Silicon Carbide Mechanical Seal.

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